British Science Week 2017

This year’s British Science Week theme is ‘Change’.

Students will be getting involved throughout the week on lessons revolving around ‘Change’ in their science lessons. Topics are wide, varying from genetics and evolution to chemical reactions and wave particle duality.

Some of our Year 10 students will also be competing in the Royal Society of Biology’s national Biology Challenge. Three of our Year 12 students set the bar earlier this year when they achieved commendation certificates in the Biology Olympiad, so watch this space.

Academic Mentoring groups will also get involved in the citizen science project, Penguin Watch run by the Penguin Lifelines project at the University of Oxford, in partnership with other world-class institutions. Students will help scientists generate data from photographs taken over the past three years on penguins and their neighbours living in the Antarctic. This will then be used to help conserve the Antarctic habitat and hardy inhabitants. We encourage our friends and supporters to also get involved with this initiative – a word of warning: it is a little addictive.