Care Academy Health Suite Launch!

Sixth form health students have had a busy few weeks during the onset of the Life Sciences UTC’s brand new Health Suite launch.

Year 12’s recently underwent a round of interviews, vying for in-house positions within the UTC’s ward-style Health Suite. The health roles will see successful students taking on responsibilities in line with their professional interests, covering all aspects of patient care. Through practical training sessions and ad hoc problem-solving scenarios with SIM man and their peers, students will practice real-life health care skills throughout the year.

Hopefuls were invited up to the health suite and joined by Mr Parry and Ms Perishine for the big reveal of who had successfully secured their positions.

Health Suite roles awarded include: General Manager, Ward Manager, Inventory Manager, Head of Nursing and various significant roles within the Nursing Team. Students were allocated positions based on their skillset, areas of interest and their enthusiasm for the roles at hand.

Principal Ian Parry commented: “A massive congratulations to all 10 successful students. We’re hugely proud of our enterprising cohort, all of whom are setting a shining example for budding young medics/health professionals citywide.”

Training launched on 18th December where students underwent a full session with SIM man. By reacting to various trauma scenarios, students were given the chance to practice a series of clinical techniques, learning how to carry out potentially lifesaving procedures and administer drugs where necessary such as adrenaline and atropine.

Health Sector Skills Champion Hannah Randles commented:

“Students will continue to engage with their peers, running simulation sessions on Sim Man to support with the understanding and delivery of clinical skills needed in their future health careers.  It is a fantastic way to celebrate the state of the art equipment that Liverpool Life Sciences UTC has and we can’t wait to see how they progress over the course of the next few months!”