Celebrating a Creative and Successful Year at The Studio

When we set out in September 2013 to create an excellent school we knew it would take creativity, determination and tremendous hard work. As this year draws to a close it is time to reflect on the successes that we have had together that have laid the foundations for our growth to 300 students in September.

We are thrilled with the focus and dedication our students have shown this year as they have risen to the challenge of learning in new and exciting ways. We are creating the future together as we promised and this is being done through the teamwork and tenacity of our students and staff.

We are creating digital entrepreneurs, and this was evident last week with a team of Year 10 students (Adam Galloway, Jordan Kabymela and Charlie Curran Jones) winning the Festival of Business, Young Entrepreneur prize. The £200 prize for the school will be used as investment capital for other student ideas that are emerging.

Two of our Sixth Form teams are through to the finals of the national Nominet Business ideas competition and we wish them well in this.

We are creating a talented pool of future employees for the sector through our Studio digital projects and we are creating digital leaders of the future through our community leadership projects with FACT, Girl Geeks, St James’ in the City and local primary schools and elders groups.

We are really pleased that our students are helping us become a thriving hub for digital technology by sharing their skills. We are proud that our students are swiftly becoming the finest ambassadors of our school.

We are also creating a group of like-minded parents who have been very supportive of us in our first year and I would like to thank all of you who have been adding to the richness of our students’ experiences through the work that you do and the support you give your own children.

This has led to some really interesting projects such as our Mindfulness project that has helped build inner resources in our students.

Already I am looking forward to welcoming our existing students back to The Studio on Tuesday 2nd September at 9am.

In the meantime, I thank you for your continued support, plead for a special effort with attendance in our new school year and wish you all a joyful and restful summer. Myself, our staff and students have shared some of our most memorable moments with you from the past year below, and we look forward to the next year where I’m sure there will be many more!

Shaun McInerney, Principal

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