CoderDojo hosted at The Studio

The Studio has hosted another CoderDojo session as part of a series of coding workshops for young people aged 7 to 17.

The sold-out programme invited young people from across Merseyside to attend and learn how to code in a variety of different coding languages.

The workshops covered the basics of coding in C#, Java, Scratch, Construct and Unity, with children as young as 8 developing modifications in Java to use with their games at home.

Each coding class was hosted by students at The Studio, who were able to use their skills and knowledge to educate the next generation of digital natives.

It’s inspiring to see our students using the skills they have learnt at The Studio to teach the next generation of young people how to code. Being able to share such complex knowledge in a way that is easy to understand is not an easy task! We are extremely proud of our students for what they are achieving every month at CoderDojo.
Mr Sillitoe – Learning Coach for Computing