Digital Day 2016

Digital Day 2016 proved to be an action packed event as business professionals from across Liverpool joined the team at The Studio to work with our students.

Throughout the day students attended various workshops on the theme of VR and 360 filming.

We kicked off the day with a meeting with experts from Mocha, a film and video production company based in the Baltic Triangle, Studio Mashbo, a Liverpool-based digital agency, and IronBird, an aerial cinematography company, also native to the Baltic Triangle.


The first workshop involved Year 10 students taking part in a manikin challenge which was recorded for a 360 VR film.

Following the morning filming, Sixth Form students were invited into the dance hall to work closely with our visitors. Students were split into two groups, group one were given VR headsets and explored the concept of VR further, whilst group two were introduced to a technique called stitching, a skill used to piece together and edit 360 video footage.

After lunch students gathered in the cinema to see the completed 360 VR footage for the first time!

Digital Day 2016 proved to be an amazing experience for our students, as they explored the fast-growing VR industry with professionals from across the city.

We can’t wait for next year!