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For Businesses

The Northern Schools Trust has a reputation both locally and nationally for the outstanding employer engagement work it does. With two industry-focused 14-19 schools, this an area of expertise and something that we recognise as of pivotal importance to the educational opportunities we offer to our young people. The Northern Schools Trust understands that sustainable links between our academies and the business community are mutually beneficial, and we ensure we offer significant value in return for the investment of time and expertise of our partner base. Our aim is to equip every student with the professional, technical and academic skills they need and awareness of the world of work that will prepare them for a successful transition into employment.  We guarantee for each of our students on successful completion of their programme of study a job, apprenticeship or university place. We work with a range of businesses, including small local businesses and multinational organisations in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

Business projects linked to the curriculum

We use live business briefs and context where possible as we understand how important and motivating real experience is.

Mentoring students on a 1:2 or 1:1 basis

Selected students benefit from the wisdom, experience and guidance of those who have either started a business or risen through the ranks of a business, particularly within the digital industries. The Trust provides full support, training and safeguarding. For the mentee, the mentor becomes an impartial adviser whilst the mentor develops further managerial skills.

Workplace visits by students

Visits to workplaces are another useful way for our students to explore and understand the working world. They provide opportunities for employers to showcase businesses to potential employees, those who live in their local community or maybe even suppliers or customers of the future.


Our students are always keen to learn more about the world around them. We run an extensive programme of business and academic speakers to share their expertise, act as role models and explain why young people might consider their business as a potential opportunity in the future. Click here to find out about UTC Transmits and Studio Showcase.

Careers and employability events

The Trust regularly arranges a series of award-winning career events where local employers and further and higher education providers can elaborate upon career path options available to our young people.

Work placements

Meaningful work experience, we believe, is an invaluable part of our older student’s journey. Students in Year 10 at our 11-18 schools will participate in a week-long placement at the end of the year. Students in Year 12 will participate in a range of placements depending upon their career aspirations and studies. Placements take a variety of forms from one week to four weeks or one or more days per week dependent upon the student or business concerned.


A considerable number of our business partners are represented on our local governing bodies, helping us to maintain a curriculum that is relevant, interrogating our date and helping us to make strategic decisions to shape the future.

If your business would be interested in working with Northern Schools Trust, please visit the contact us page to send us an enquiry.