The Kingsway Academy opens its doors

Thursday 4th September 2014 is the first day of term at newly formed The Kingsway Academy, marking the beginning of a prosperous and exciting future for the young people of Wallasey.

With the support and backing of the Northern Schools Trust, the students can look forward to an academic year filled with great opportunities, from placements and apprenticeships to enhanced partnerships with leading Universities and the other innovative schools within the group.

The Trust is excited and committed to the challenge of ensuring that the Academy builds on the recent success of Wallasey School to become the establishment of choice in the area.

I was fortunate to stand at the school gate this morning to welcome the arrival of several hundred well dressed and well mannered students for their first day at The Kingsway Academy. To witness the beginning of a new ambitious school for the families who live in the Wirral was a pleasure.Nigel Ward, Chairman
Northern Schools Trust

A warm welcome is extended to the new intake of Year 7 and Year 12 students, in addition to the former students of Wallasey School who are sure to find their time with The Kingsway Academy both rewarding and fulfilling.