Lego visit Life Sciences UTC

International brand Lego have visited Liverpool Life Sciences UTC to inspire students with a day of discovery and hands-on engagement. Lego Education hosted a series of workshops to explore various methods of learning, delivered by CEO of Lego Education, Dr Rene Tristan Lydiksen.

Students were required to integrate their knowledge of sciences and problem-solving with the Lego Education range to safely navigate model rockets and satellites across a scaled-down map of the Solar System.

The collaborative event, hosted by Life Sciences UTC was developed by the school’s Vice Principal, Ian Parry, to mark British Science Week and to welcome Lego Education to the North West, having recently opened their new head office in Chester.

Ian Parry, Vice Principal at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, said:

“Having been voted the most-influential brand in the world, Lego possess a proven track-record for engaging people young and old, with its instantly recognisable, naturally comfortable products.

“Our students were delighted to welcome Lego Education to the school to complement the UTC’s project-based learning (PBL) syllabus. I hope to work closely with our new friends in the future.

“Companies such as Lego have recognised the importance of STEM-related subjects in the workplaces of tomorrow. Today highlighted that Lego can be used as a tool to inspire young people’s hands-on abilities.”

Speaking at the event, Dr Lydiksen told students to follow the career pathways that they were passionate about, and complimented Life Sciences UTC’s interaction with Project Based Learning.