Liverpool World Museum Visit

On Tuesday 28th February Year 7 and 8 students from the More Able and Talented groups visited the Liverpool World Museum. Students were treated to an informative workshop in the Treasury House Theatre with the museum’s resident taxidermist who explained what his career involved. Students learned a number of exciting facts about insects, arachnids and scorpions – most notably the behaviour patterns of each, how to tell them apart and how dangerous they are. Students were in awe of the live demonstrations given just inches in front of where they were sitting.

Museum 2

Students were then given a tour of the museums 5 floors that took in exhibitions featured around space and astronomy; dinosaurs and the natural world; world cultures and the ancient world; the bug house and the aquarium.

Here’s what our resident blogger Lewis had to say:

“So this week’s blog will be a bit different as it will be more of a recount of where I went than an actual blog. So this Tuesday on 28th (pancake day) me and the M.A.T group went to the Liverpool World Museum. The M.A.T group is a group of intelligent people put together so we can get pushed further. Mr Metcalf was our tour guide and he took us around the museum (honestly I learnt everything from the information boards around the museum).

In the museum we learnt lots of things about space, bugs, history and different animals. One fact we learnt was that scorpions show up a different colour under UV light. In small groups people were able to go to the floor they wanted and look around for a while (personally I went to the history floor).

I really liked learning lots of different things but as a group we all enjoyed going to the museum.”

Museum 3

Mr Metcalf and Miss Greaves reflected on the trip:

“Well done to all our students for teaching us so much about what they have learnt from their visit. It was lovely to see such a positive attitude towards learning from so many of our students.”