LSSP Dance Competition

On Thursday 3rd may a group of dancers from across the academy went to Broughton Hall to compete in the LSSP Dance Competition. We entered 4 dances across three categories in a variety of styles. Our first dance was performed by Year 8 students they did a beautiful contemporary dance, their extension and timing was impeccable due to the girls hard work and commitment in rehearsals. The same year 8 group also  entered a street dance performance the girls energy was flawless and they gave it 110%. We also entered a Street Routine from year 9 students this was a Beyoncé mash up, the girls had a brilliant time rehearsing and give it everything on stage. Our final performance was a duet from two year 10 dance students Halle Long and Chloe Cullen, they have been working relentlessly afterschool, lunch times and weekends to get the choreography perfect and their hard work really payed off.