Mersey Adventure Sailing Trust Apprenticeship Cup- Tall Ship Adventure 2019

Two of our year 11 pupils recently embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. Both students joined the crew of an Irish Sail Training ship known as the Brian Boru in The Royal Albert Dock.

Their journey took them across the North Coast of Wales, to the Isle of Mann and finally into Whitehaven in the Lake District some seven days later.

The girls formed part of a crew of ten including a Captain and Chief Officer and both took an active role in running the ship. Some of the activities that they took part in included helming (steering) the ship, navigational duties such as lookout, setting and lowering sails, cooking and cleaning.

Both students fully enjoyed their time on-board and have developed lifelong skills such as teamwork, communication and resilience.

“This embodies our vision that all students should aspire to be the best they can be, have high quality experiences, engage with their community and achieve well. We are so proud of both students,” says Emily Vernon, Acting Principle of North Liverpool Academy.