NLA pilot new school bus service

As ever, as a school, we are piloting many strategies to improve the overall attendance and punctually at North Liverpool Academy.  For this reason, we are setting up a school bus run to collect students along the attached route. The school bus will start Monday 12th June 2017 till the end of term. During this trial period the bus will be free of charge, if successful there would be a small charge of £5 per week next academic year.

School Bus Service 2017/18

Below are the draft details of the School Bus Service for the next School Year, along with details of the routes and approximate timings. However, parents are encouraged to request new stops to be added to the routes and these will be accommodated where it is reasonable and practicable to do so. A final set of routes and timings will then be published during the summer holidays.

We make every effort to keep price to a minimum.

For more information please download the following letter with details on how to register and book the school bus service.

NLA Bus Pilot Letter

Bus Route (Please note times are approximate)

Breck Road                        0735

Townsend Lane                0740

Utting Avenue East         0745

Storrington Lane             0750

Stonebridge Lane            0755

East Lancs                         0800

Walton Hall Avenue        0810

Walton Lane                     0815