North Liverpool Academy celebrates Liverpool’s incredible diversity

NLA recently celebrated Liverpool’s incredible diversity with a ‘Celebration of Diversity Exhibition’.

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The Diversity project was the idea of Dave Hornby, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Sheffield – who is one of NLA’s Governors.

The event was a great success and guests packed out the Drama Theatre. Well over 100 students were involved in the event and all subjects were represented either through performance, presentation, exhibition or video installation.

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The music department started the evening off with our amazing Samba band and continued to perform throughout the evening. Student performances also included African dance and the entertainment fro the Chinese lion. In addition the event featured stalls from food tasting from around the globe to Egyptian board games.

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The grande finale was the performance of ‘All you need is love’ by local boy and Jool’s Holland’s guitarist, Mark Flannagan (on his way to performing at Glastonbury!) accompanied by the NLA choir.