NLA Scientists Inspire Public

North Liverpool Academy is sending its super scientific sixth formers out to engage and inspire the general public in the wonderful world of science while also promoting its new Life Sciences UTC, which is due to launch next year.

The super science initiative launched today by NLA students’ Jonnie Lu and Jamie Doran at the Royal Liverpool Hospital has already proved a huge success. Demonstrations have captivated audiences and people have enjoyed getting involved in experiments.

As well as inspiring the masses with science, NLA are also promoting its Life Sciences UTC. Opening in 2013, the UTC will produce Liverpool’s next generation of scientists, healthcare practitioners and engineers, equipping 14-19 year olds with the skills to work in this fast growing sector.

In return for sixth formers super scientific work, North Liverpool Academy are rewarding volunteers with a trip to CERN in Geneva, home of the Large Hadron Collider and the scientists which discovered the elusive “God particle” – the most sought-after particle in modern science.