Ofsted Follow-Up Meeting

Dear Parents,

As you know we promised to keep you updated on progress since the Ofsted Report in May 2015. We had our second meeting with parents and students on Tuesday 13th October 2015. Below is a brief summary of the points raised by parents.

Home Learning

  • Students are being set home learning in all subjects across all year groups. Home learning is being marked promptly by teachers. Parents were very pleased to note that redrafting is becoming more common.
  • Behaviour has shown a visible improvement when students come home from school.
  • Pupils are keen to get their home learning done and parents can see a change in behaviour.
  • “I’m liking that my daughter is getting homework in every subject area even if it’s just research.”
  • Senior staff informed parents that we are now doing regular planner checks. Student Voice activities are focussing on the usefulness of home learning which is being set.


  • Parents queried website improvements. The Vice Principal leading on this area of work explained that we intend that all information should be live and more curriculum content will be available.
  • There will also be links to exam specifications and revision guides to support revision.
  • Term dates need to be checked and updated.

After School Revision sessions

  • In response to a question about after school revision sessions starting it was explained that these will start week beginning 19th October. Structured timetables for all Year 11 will be issued by the Progress Leader. Recent assemblies have been progress and revision centred.
  • Parents also received confirmation that they should be able to see more evidence of exam practice in student books as term progresses.

Other Issues

  • Parents voiced concerns of lost time at the end of term. The Executive Principal reinforced the fact that this will not be the case and was not the case last term.
  • Parents recognised that reports have been developed to be more personalised to the individual students and that they were easier to read. The Principal explained that this was in response to the issue being raised by a parent governor at our most recent governors meeting.
  • Parents asked about the parent review day being with form tutors. Will parents have access to subject teachers? The Academy is currently planning to create subject ‘hubs’ during the review day and will be inviting parents to specific meetings to support intervention with students in year 11.
  • There was a request for extra text message reminders.
  • One parent made a point of thanking the Progress Leader for Year 9 for his swift response to her request for extra support.
  • A concern was raised about supply teachers in English. This will be addressed by the Vice Principal responsible for this area.

The next meeting will take place two weeks before Christmas. To support attendance a progress update will go out two weeks before that, so parents can prepare their questions.

Parent forum information is on the website and we would encourage all parents to get involved.
Information can be found here –¬†http://northliverpoolacademy.co.uk/parents-forum/