Ofsted Update

As you know the Academy recently held a meeting for parents following our Ofsted Inspection. This was to openly address issues arising from the inspection and to begin an ongoing conversation with parents about our journey to ‘Good’ and then ‘Outstanding’. As promised at that meeting we have attached a series of Frequently Asked Questions that have been asked along with our answers. As you will see we are determined to respond to issues that parents raise.

As part of our journey to ‘Good’ we are delighted to tell you that our monitoring visit from an HMI last week went extremely well. HMI Susan Wareing was impressed with the strides that have been taken in the short time since our inspection. Her letter has been distributed to all parents but is attached here so that we can share our progress with as wide an audience as possible.

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Executive Principal[/one_fourth][one_fourth]R Stead
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Download the letter from HMI Susan Wareing