Sixth Form Prefects support Staff on Lunchtime Duties

In October North Liverpool Academy appointed 22 school prefects from Years 12 and 13.

These students complete duties at lunchtime in designated areas around the school.

The prefects support staff during their lunchtime duties and have been very successful in their role, contributing to the school moving to one lunchtime.

The prefects are fantastic role models for our younger students and have approached their duties with responsibility and maturity.

Our prefects are:

Lauren Moore Williams (Head Girl)
Michael Hardy (Head Boy)
Olivia Jones (Deputy Head Girl)
Anthony Baker (Deputy Head Boy)
Gowri Sivalingham
Rian Bell
Jenna Harper
Nicola Jones
Olivia Manning
Molly Farley
Ryan Nevin
Ryan Brewer
Alisha Jones
Ryan Walker
Abriamy Chellappah
Nancy Rupunda
Larissa Mbessa Ebissesseye
Zainab Sadiq
Rosie Collister
Ben Lawler
Becky Allen
Rebecca Hughes