Sky Sports Project open for Applications

November saw the launch of this year’s Living for Sport project in association with Sky Sports. The project involves using sport as a tool to develop 6 key life skills; mental toughness, hunger to achieve, people skills, sports and life knowledge, breaking barriers and planning for success.

Students from previous projects have been fortunate to take part in activities such as boxing, soccer-loco, skating, African-themed football, Kabadii (an ancient African game) and rock-climbing. Activities take part alongside professional athlete mentors that have include Jenna Downing (world number 1 inline skater), Natasha Jonas (Olympic Boxer) and Courtney Fry (Olympic Boxer).

Click here to view some of the footage from last year’s Living for Sport project.

Applications are now being accepted from Year 7 students. To apply, students must complete a 50 word written letter detailing what they’d like to gain from the 6 month project and how they would benefit from it.

In line with the school’s emphasis on literacy, students are required to complete the 50 words in full sentences, using capital letters, full stops and correct spelling. Students are therefore encouraged to have a parent, teacher or friend check over it before submitting.

Deadline for applications is Wednesday 30th November. Students will be shortlisted by the Living for Sport committee involving project leader, Mr Metcalf, and a committee made up of previous Living for Sport Athletes.

This year’s athlete mentor will be revealed after Christmas.

Please contact Mr Metcalf for details. Good luck with your entries!