The Studio presents: How to be More Awesome

How to be More Awesome, written by Tim Slack and Suzanne Quinney, members of the organisation Appreciating People, has been designed to boost confidence and self-esteem, develop strengths and encourage young people to make positive life decisions.

Inspired by research indicating that the encouragement of positive emotions promotes creativity and achievement, How to be More Awesome helps young people deal with difficult times and reach their potential.

We want our students to be self-aware and skilled at building relationships so they can develop positive mind-sets that are essential for digital leaders. The ability for our students to inspire themselves and others is important, and this book will help them do that.
Shaun McInerney, Prinicpal at The Studio

The Studio actively seek to incorporate new approaches to learning including enterprising projects and work-based programmes for the innovators of tomorrow, How to be More Awesome will be available for use in classrooms or independent study.