Wellbeing Working Group

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Activity When Where How do I join? Organiser
Bootcamp & Badminton Tuesday 4.oopm CUC Just turn up Tanya Hunter
Badminton Thursday 4.15pm NLA Just turn up Joe Ollerton
Yoga Thursday 4.30pm CUC Just turn up Graham Schofield
Table Tennis/ Fitness Thursday 4.15pm CUC Just turn up Graham Schofield
Activity When Where How do I join? Organiser
Health Checks CUC Just turn up Nuala Reid
NST Choir NLA Just turn up Amanda Doyle

Rationale for the Northern Schools Trust Wellbeing Group

All schools in the Northern Schools Trust seek to transform the life chances of the young people in their care and the families that surround them.  This often requires going above and beyond the expectations of a normal job role – teachers forge productive and often involved relationships with their students and manage often complex roles and demands that if not managed carefully can result in stress and burnout.  Support staff too are managing a climate of change and financial stringency.  Schools are demanding places to work and require a proactive approach to wellbeing.

With this in mind, the NST wellbeing group has been meeting in order to meet the challenge of developinga set of policies and practices that support the wellbeing and engagement of all NST staff so that they can deliver the best possible futures for the children and young people in their care.  It is our mission to make the NST the best place to work for all colleagues.

Using approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and research based positive psychology approaches we have developed a set of principles and a series of recommendations to inform future planning, policy and practice both within individual schools and at a Trust level.

During our sessions in 2015-16 we agreed a set of 6 Principles for Improving Wellbeing in NST Schools to help us all feel good and function well:

  1. Happy people are more effective people: we believe that happiness leads to success (and not the reverse) so we want to encourage staff and students to be well and happy.
  2. We want to create a positive mental attitude and approach in staff so that this transfers to students.
  3. We encourage all colleagues to consider the wellbeing of themselves and others in their daily actions and interactions.
  4. All colleagues, each school and The Northern Schools Trust are committed to being proactive to support wellbeing.
  5. All NST schools provide enriching opportunities beyond the classroom to improve wellbeing.
  6. There is a well-established sense of community across NST schools and we can build on this to improve wellbeing.

Current Members of the Northern Schools Trust Wellbeing Group

The Studio – Shaun McInerney – Chair
The Studio – Graham Schofield – Studio Member
North Liverpool Academy – Joe Ollerton – North Liverpool Academy Member
North Liverpool Academy – Dianne Lydiate – North Liverpool Academy Member
North Liverpool Academy – Amanda Doyle – Supporter
Life Sciences UTC – Monica Tomlinson – Life Sciences UTC Member
Life Sciences UTC – Katie Small – Supporter
Life Sciences UTC – Nuala Reid – Life Sciences UTC Member
The Kingsway Academy – Paula Mathieson – Kingsway Academy Member
Central Team – Moira Hennessey – HR Member
Central Team – Steph Gibson – Admin Member

Key focus Date and Venue Convenor
Half term 1 Development plan for this year and organisation of events Thursday 29th September 2016 4pm – 5pm @ CUC Shaun
Term 2 CPD input for January 9th Cross Trust CPDOrganisation of NST Bake off finalReview of development plan and progress towards this

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Thursday 10th November 2016 4pm – 5pm @ NLA Joe
Term 3 Review of NST CPD dayReview of current activities and progressReview of development plan and emerging strategic issues Thursday 19th January 2017 4pm – 5pm @ Kingsway Paula
Term 4 CPD input for June/July Trust CPDOrganisation of survey for this year https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VPNJMT8 Thursday 16th March 2017 4pm – 5pm @ CUC Shaun
Term 5 CPD input for June/July Trust CPDReview of survey data Thursday 4th May 2017 4pm-5pm @ NLA Joe
Term 6 CPD input for June/July Trust CPDDevelopment planning for 2017-2018Evaluation and impact data:  are we making a difference? Thursday 15th June 2017 – 4pm-5pm @ Kingsway Paula

How to get involved.

We’re interested in your views.  You can send comments and suggestions to: wellbeing@northernschoolstrust.org

Resources to inspire and support you to stay well and happy:

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