Year 10 students show off their Maths skills

‘Maths Inspiration’ is a national programme featuring interactive lectures for teenagers.
Our year 10 students attended the ‘Playing for Real’ event, an interactive lecture focusing on the maths behind different games, and exploring how a combination of good strategy, logic, and an understanding of probability can help you to win in a variety of situations.
The students were very keen to volunteer to take part in the different activities and had a wonderful afternoon exploring maths in new ways.

They will definitely take the skills they learnt at the event back to the classroom!

Scroll down to see pictures of the day.

Photo 1: Matty was brave enough to play "Yukky Choccy", a game of strategy.

Images 1

Photo 2: ...unfortunately he lost, and had to take the forfeit!

Image 2

Photo 3: Phoebe used logic to solve the red and blue hats problem.

Image 3

Photo 4: Cai used an understanding of probability in "Play Your Cards Right".

Image 4

Photo 5: Cai correctly guessed whether the cards would be higher or lower, but lost out from a cautious betting strategy.

Image 5

Photo 6: Steven played "Avoid the Neighbours", a devious game of strategy.

Image 6

Photo 7: Chloe and Josh attempted to win a share of £100!

Image 7

Photo 8: Dragos learnt that greed does not pay off!

Image 8