Year 11 December Reports

Dear Parent/Guardian

We are approaching an important time in the education of our young people and can I take this opportunity to congratulate year 11 on their approach to this year so far. Students have now started to take responsibility for learning and engaging with revision and consolidation opportunities both in the school day and after school. In the coming months we will have increased sessions after school and at weekends and your support as parents/ guardians is greatly appreciated.

As you are aware year 11 students have recently undertaken Pre Public Examinations (PPE) or mock exams. Students responded very well to the process and it gave them the opportunity to further experience the process they will go through in summer.  With a third of year 11 gone we are also supporting students to develop their revision and consolidation skills.

I am delighted to invite you to our parents evening that will take place next Tuesday 18th January from 4:30 to 7:30. Progress reports from this first term in year 11 will be provided on the evening. The evening will provide an opportunity to discuss in detail the results from the recent examinations with subject staff and importantly how the students need to respond. Teachers will be providing packs for the students with targeted work and guidance for the coming weeks. The evening will also provide an opportunity for parents/ guardians to hear from Mr Stead who is leading KS4. Mr Stead will provide essential guidance and tools for how we can all be best supporting students in the final run in to the GCSE examinations.

If you have any questions or would like to meet staff to discuss issues arising through the reports, contact your child’s pastoral manager (Mr Stevens)