About Us

We are a charitable trust that works to transform the lives of children and young people through education.

Our schools aim to increase the number of life choices for our students and their families.

Our Vision

Life changing opportunities through education for every student.

NST’s vision is to establish world class, secondary and specialist schools that are centres of excellence for personal development, leadership, teaching and learning…

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Our Schools

We support schools with relieving the burden of some administrative, governance, marketing and finance matters in order to free up schools’ time and resources to concentrate on what they do best: getting results for their students.

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Our efforts are focused on improving the life chances and choices of our students and their families.

Latest News and Events

A Personalised CPD Model by Katie Small

This year at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC and The Studio School we are implementing a personalised CPD model for our teachers.  The model focuses on developing our teacher’s through deliberate practice using an evidenced based approach.  We are aiming for…

Summer School: Time to invest in humanities – Victoria Wright

I was so pleased to be asked to lead a Humanities Summer School this year. With the days missed through isolation and illness, many of our students have missed out. We were especially worried about our most vulnerable groups, who…

Living and Breathing the Eco School Agenda – Victoria Wright

As a geography teacher, and a lead teacher for humanities, I spend everyday teaching my students about issues of development, climate change, and inequality in the world. These are such topical issues, but it can be easy for students to…

Hello Lockdown World – Andy Johnson

“Hello World” is recognised globally by anyone who has taken it upon themselves to learn how to program a small computer application.  Writing such a program is most often quite simple within most programming languages and it is frequently used…

What makes our Junior Leadership Team so unique – Laura Bonnesen

I work in a school which educates in a forward-thinking way and I wanted to ensure the Junior Leadership clearly matched the school’s ethos. When I took over running the Junior Leadership Team, I began to research what other schools…


We need to talk about literacy . . . Amy Connelly

When we think about literacy, more often than not it is put into the firm category of ‘English Stuff’.  Many schools adopt literary strategies such as ‘Word of the Week’ or ‘Reading for Pleasure’ and whilst they may serve a…

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