Working for us

Working at the Northern Schools Trust is not run of the mill.

As a small multi academy trust with a focus on providing exceptional opportunities for students from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds, we expect a lot from our teams. In return we invest heavily in our people.

We are committed to your professional development. We encourage self-improvement through a challenging working and learning environment. We offer two cross trust CPD conferences per year bringing together education experts with a whole staff team to ensure extensive opportunities to learn from best practice and collaboration. We are equally committed to your well-being. We offer an extensive well-being programme with opportunities at each CPD to invest in your own health and well-being. We appreciate the importance of recognising individual needs and supporting work-life balance. New rewards and benefits schemes are constantly devised to meet the needs of our staff teams.

We bring the best of the public and private sector together to ensure our staff has the opportunities they need to be the most desirable staff in the sector. We work hard to turn ideas, cross sector innovation and research into a life changing education experience. We believe in your potential and will work to develop you beyond what you thought possible, no matter your current experience level. You will often find NQTs on functional teams working cross trust with SLT from other schools. Working here means having the freedom to think big, to build projects and work together to make the impossible a reality. We believe that a solid commitment to the basics combined with good organisation allows our staff to be truly creative.

Our staff progress rapidly. Many staff move on to senior positions in other successful schools, however our preference is to grow our own and we run solid cross trust programmes for NQTs and those crossing the UPS threshold to ensure our very best people stay within our organisations. We have an extensive programme of talent management, working opportunities across our schools to ensure you have the experience you need to have the career you want.

When you work in a Northern Schools Trust school, you don’t work alone. We collaborate and create partnerships with the best schools, universities and businesses both locally and nationally. We recognise that the most important thing within our organisation is our people and dedicate the resource needed to reflect this. If this is the type of career you would like, contact us to visit our schools and find out more.

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